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PMRA Invents new use…forgets to tell anyone

Yes I actually read the label…the whole thing…as boring as it may be.

So I’m reading through the new Bayer Temprid label, and came across the following:


It’s defined as being a band of product, allowed on baseboards in the perimeter of a room.  Restricted to 30 cm or 12 inches (Laura converted for me so if that’s wrong call her).

So a 12″ band is allowed, around the inside walls on the outside of an indoor room.

Is this an old labeled use pattern and I’ve missed it all these years?  “Indoor Perimeter”.

Outside walls of an indoor room???

So if Temprid is the very first product to have this label (even though it may be a somewhat common use already) how do we go about having it added to all products?  Like Tempo, Dragnet, Demand and Prelude?

I’m going through the PMRA label search and cannot find this new use anywhere.  If someone does let me know.

Or maybe the PMRA could comment on this use versus the one on the Crack & Crevice section of the Tempo label:

For stored product pest control of exposed adult and immature stages of insect pests, apply to cracks, crevices, and other surfaces where the pests have been seen or have harbourage.

I especially like the part “and other surfaces”.    That leaves the door wide open to everything.

But if you have your product registered, with Crack & Crevice only, how do you get on equal footing with Bayer and add the new “Interior Perimeter”…???

If the other products don’t require evacuation of a small town when sprayed, are we to deem them as “safer”?

Then why wouldn’t this new use be allowed????   Like an automatic addition…

I’m confused as usual.