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Pushing GRAS(s)

I’ve got an idea….first one this month…

So let’s say for the hell of it there are 1000 Pest Control Companies in Canada, and maybe 3000 technicians working for those companies…

And if each technician does 5 jobs a day that’s about 15,000 potential contacts.

That’s a lot of folks. Granted many are contract work where you see the same people month in and month out. But still a lot of folks.

Even if the number is half that….still a lot of folks.

So say for each one of those customers, when you’re leaving an MSDS for Demand or Prelude and explaining the products, you just happen to say…

“You know there are safer products available in the US but we can`t use them”

15,000 times a day…

Lot of folks would wonder why there are safer products in other parts of the world…but access denied to Canada. Generally Regarded as Safe.  Maybe 1 or 2 would pick up the phone and tell some body.  Maybe 1 or 2 send a letter.  Maybe more?

Better yet…the CPMA can print off a card to leave behind on what GRAS or a 25(b) registration is and means to the end user in Canada. Or the lack of having a similar option in Canada.

“There`s a soybean product that works, not quite as well, and maybe a little more costly. But it`s deemed safe”.

So say this is done for 1 week, or 1 month.

Simple to do…

But would it result in a change?

I would be willing to bet on it.

This sounds like something the anti-pesticide people should be promoting. Goes hand in hand with them banning use in all the provinces, no cosmetic treatments, no more lawn care.


I hope they don’t read this!