Robert's Rants
Robert's Rants
A personal blog on the Canadian pesticide industry and other pet peeves and interests

Rantless in Toronto…

Rantless in Toronto…

I have been remiss in my duties of ranting and raving.

In trying to determine why (or actually come up with a lame excuse) it kinda boils down to three reasons:

–           A couple of the things I could have really gotten my teeth into were sensitive….like starting a debate on politics or religion…or simply calling someone an outright fool.  Rocking the boat is one thing, sinking it entirely different.  Just because I’m fat don’t mean I float!  (I know about the grammar and will take liberties)

–          It’s been a fairly quiet summer in the Pest Control side of things.  Sure I can expand my realm and explain my thoughts on gun control, ISIS, Canadian health care,  or stem cell research.  But we’re here to focus on Pest Control.  Who knows though???  Maybe I’ll have to branch out.

–          I’ve really felt like a spotted dog run over on a dusty Kansas farm road.

The first two are fairly explanatory.

The last?  Just a fight on age old has been waging for the last few years and it starts to wear a person down.  When your body aches it’s hard to be tongue in cheek, light hearted.

The only reason I have my tongue in cheek anymore is to bite down in anticipation of the next shot or drawing of blood.  My doctor’s lab tech should be changing tires at NASCAR.

And I’m light-headed…not hearted.

So there’s my lame excuses.

But on a personal note not of interest to anyone, I did happen to have a somewhat successful “procedure” done on my ticker to help fix things up.  If you’ve ever suffered from atrial fibrillation and need more info feel free to ask!

But expect more from me in the near future.

As Johann the pianist said to his audience…

“I’m BACH”   (that even hurts me)