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Robert's Rants
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Read the Label…if you can!

Okay, so my ranting about this label issue and a major gap in communications that needs addressed continues!

The fine print is too damn fine. Simple enough.

The whole pest control manufacturing industry, at least those still dumb enough to be in the pesticide business, are required to put a label and a booklet/pamphlet/Directions For Use (whatever you feel like calling it) on each container.

In both languages!

and this is what you get below.

The background Label is one of those folded up jobbies from a prescription drug. I take it to keep the ticker ticking, the blood flowing so to speak. Like major important. Even though no one reads it, the font doesn’t require double bifocals and a magnifying glass.

The inset fine print is a page from a pesticide booklet stuck on the outside of every container of a pesticide that is used in thousands of homes, kitchens, restaurants, ad nausea by 5000 licensed trained professionals every day. 23 pages…in one language…on a normal 8 1/2 x 11 sheet squished down to a miniature legal document in apparently a legal font.

Does something need fixed here? Or as usual does no one give a flip? (I’ve been told to watch my language)