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Robert's Rants
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Robert’s Rule on Rodenticides: “What’s the Worse that can Happen”

Here’s the bare facts:

I believe the Industry has been given a false sense of comfort on the Evo Express and tampering.   Is the Evo 100% safe in preventing secondary poisoning?  Nope.

The other problem is we only have bromadiolone to use outdoors.  (except in underground burrows which is considered “indoors”)

Of the 2 – 3 bromadiolone products available, it appears Resolv has a very high attraction rate to rats.   BUT…this seems to be true for all rodents found in the woods, parks or backyards.

Mice, rats, chipmunks and squirrels.  Little critters with very sharp teeth.

If you use a highly attractive bait in any plastic station, you may have secondary poisoning.  Always?  Of course not.

Can you give a 100% guarantee this will never ever happen though?   Nope.

If you put a T-rex in an Evo then no problems right?  Wrong.   If you’ve never seen a squirrel in a T-rex you haven’t been around long enough.

But you then have the problem of daily inspections and re-setting traps.

Do we prepare ourselves for any situation? Nope.

This is where we lack in our planning – the what if’s.  And being prepared for worse case scenarios.  Even if it never happens.

How many of us know what to say to the homeowner if there’s a dead squirrel in the yard?  Does it happen?  Maybe one in a million, but how do you address?

Does anyone have the information Lipha provides on secondary poisoning always on hand?  A copy in their truck?  What to do and how to react?  Poison control center numbers?

If you prepare for the Worse case scenario, you prepared for anything.