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Robert's Rants
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Rodenticide re-evaluation continued

I have just completed the Gardex Positioning Paper on how we are working with the new regulations coming from PMRA on rodenticides, including the use of bait stations.  This is available by sending an email to the Ontario office listed on our contact page.  Customers will all receive a copy in the next few weeks.

Gardex is fully behind these regulations as we have always contended that some things in the Industry are better left to professionals.  The availability of the Domestic registered products are the key focus of this initiative, but there is impact on the Commercial products as far as use sites and new requirements that have been added to the product labels approved by PMRA.

If you are a professional pest control operator, or agriculturalist (farmer) still the best thing is to read and follow the label!

When completing our review of the regulations, and subsequent strategy, I found it a bit more onerous than expected.  But you can still boil down the facts, plus using some common sense, understand what the new requirements actually mean and what is required by users of rodenticide products.