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Science Science Science. Or Health Canada’s “Trust Me”, just get vaccinated!

As you all know, I’m all for science and proof and all that.

But more so weighing the Risk vs. the Benefit.

Now the message from Ottawa is “The best vaccine is the first one you’re offered”.  Thanks Justine, that’s real science based.

Here’s what I read on the National Advisory Committee on Immunizations.  Did you know we had one?  And the WHO and CDC.

Astra Zeneca:  62% effective only after the second dose.  Which should be given within 6 weeks

Pfizer:  a lot more effective, 94%, but only if the second dose is no later than 6 weeks, for like 3rd world countries.  But no later.

Canada’s follow up second dose?  4 months later.  Isn’t that 16 weeks???  Guess they missed the “1”.

Optimum results is second dose 21 days after 1st.  Not 120.  Dyslexic are they?

Moderna?   Who knows about supply but same as Pfizer, optimum time of second shot…28 days.

Johnson & Johnson?  Looks more promising, one shot.  Big supply problem, the US wants it.

So we are being urged to shut up and just do it, ignore the CDC, WHO, the 15 countries holding back AZ, and the fact the second dose is being delayed by more than 2x the maximum recommended time on the rest?

Science.  Being ignored.  Our own PM, ignoring science.  Trust me.

And with being locked up and doing what we are told, only to see Ottawa has screwed us all royally.

They didn’t get a position on the vaccines.   Someone forgot to get on the phone and place an order.

This “science” is about 9 months old, and rushed through.  Warp Speed.  It takes 3 years to register a pesticide, but we don’t inject that in your arm.

I’m not an anti-vaxer, but believe in science, and trust those organizations recognized globally for their expertise more than our PM.

I’m gonna wait to see what happens to those getting vaccinated, wear my mask and suffer another year.