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Robert's Rants
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Should we capitalize on plagues and pestilence??? Why the hell not!

Okay…we don’t have to rape and burn and pillage…although I have really wanted to try that pillaging stuff.  Need a Viking hat…or a  PM’s costume.

But when there is a rightfully known concern, and you have one of the better means and knowledge base to address those concerns, then why not put that to use, and take advantage of it?


Let’s look at one little instance…Lyme Disease.

Plague…pestilence…save us!

Here’s the thing with Lyme Disease…the best way to control the further spread is through prevention.  Plain and simple.

And how do you prevent the damn thing?  Don’t get bit!!!!  Like the TV ad run over and over and over…”Just Don’t Fall”.   You know at 1:00 am and you can’t sleep.  You finally wish they would both fall.

DUH….and double Duh.

We know where Lyme disease comes from…friggin Lyme Pennsylvania!

Well I was really thinking about the deer tick.  They live and move about on…guess what…deer!  (but also mice and a bunch of other critters…like pet dogs)

So we have instances in Eastern Canada, Ontario, the Rockies….people contracting Lyme’s…means someone is getting bit!

So kill the little buggers before they bite!

But I’m surprised more of this isn’t taking place, being promoted, and creating the interest.  Not so much as an opportunistic sale, but really trying to ease some minds by eliminating or minimizing a serious problem.

Look at Toronto…the GTA…Golden Horse…something.

You have all these nice cricks and rivers running through these nice tree covered valleys and ravines down to Lake Ontario.  The Rouge, The Humber, Mimico, Etobicke, The Credit.

And backing on to all these creeks (properly spelt) are the nicest properties with the nicest views.   Woods and trees and little rabies-infected animals and deer.

And guess what…ticks!

So similar to polio, you would much rather prevent it through vaccination…treatment… than to contract it.

No you can’t “guarantee” contraction of Lyme, especially when they go to the cottage or the ball game, but you can help eliminate some of the problem.

Reduce risk.

And with today’s newer and scientifically advanced and improved products, the benefit far outweighs any risk.

Is this capitalizing on a plague?

I always ask my self the same questions…Is it safe for my grandchildren?  And would I use it in my own backyard?

You damn right I would.