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Robert's Rants
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Single-mindedness and Value Add PART II

Further to my post on Value Add (which is a term I am going to cease using), I think one of the biggest pitfalls on promoting your overall service and reason to purchase is by focusing on each individual line item in your customer discussions.

I see we do it daily as a company, and notice it everyday even in my personal buying patterns.

One customer came in to office last week and mentioned that they could purchase a specific product at a buck or two better somewhere else, and could I match it.

My reaction was not the best, and felt “peeved” that they even asked.

But what I should have done was to take the focus off of this one item, and had them look at their overall business with Gardex.

Obviously that customer had shopped around…but why?

That should have been mentally filed away to review, but for the immediate time I needed to focus on the one issue.  There were 5 other items on that list, a sprayer in the back for repair and he had just asked about how to do a roach clean out job.

But I got hung up on the sale of one small product   singleminded   and didn’t look at the whole business transaction for the day.

I simply caught too caught up in that one deal…not the relationship we  had been building for years.  I am certain this customer over a month or year period is getting better value from Gardex.

But the whole trick is moving the focus off, dropping the singleminded mentality, and focusing on the big picture.

I sincerely believe a company that offers more intangible services will still win out longer term that the one time price seller, but only if they know how to use that strategy.

The same holds for the Pest Control Company…more on that to follow