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So banning abortions isn’t pest related? Au contraire mon ami

After being chastised for being waaaaay off topic and outside the realm of pest control, I calmly corrected the former employee that it is Robert’s Rants.  Not “Percy’s Perspective on Pesticides” .   So who has boundaries? Not I said the little red Robbie.

But actually, banning abortions is pest related, you just need to follow some basic logic.  Bear with me…

So one day a young women becomes pregnant by some means besides immaculate conception, and although the father is in jail for statutory rape, she is forced to keep this future child.  Or abort the fetus and go to jail for manslaughter.

Not into prison, nor faced labor, she carries to term and gives birth to a beautiful child.

And being a normal mother, the minute she lays eyes on the young soul that she has carried for 9 months, she decides to somehow raise this child who suffered being brought into this world through no fault of their own.

Since her parents abandoned her after the first 3 months, she is forced to go to work, making minimum wage for 25 hours a week at AmazoMcWallymart.  Benefits?  You bet, you get to benefit the pockets of the latest Forbes billionaire.

Living on a shoe string, she has to rely on those very same politicians who banned abortion, and seeks shelter in subsidized housing.

Now you see where the logic is going?

We in pest control all know subsidized housing is sorely underfunded, even though with the taxes we pay they should be staying at the Ritz.  Underfunded, a new word for mismanagement of money.  Related closely to thievery.

These underfunded flop houses are just that, and with no money there’s garbage piling up, walls peeling and leaky pipes.  Bed bugs, roaches and rats like VW’s roam the halls looking for handouts or heroin.

Someone always benefits on other peoples problems right?

There you have it.  Banning abortion increases pesticide usage.

Chew on that one for awhile, then tell me I’m nuts!