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Robert's Rants
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So that was it? Another summer shot to hell

It’s gotta be the age, or post C19, or something that makes time seem to fly by.

What happened to the summer, and all the fun bugs that go with it? Anyone see uptick in overall treatments? “Not really” or ”meh” is the answer I get most of in the back.

Ants? Plenty hot enough, except the rain every other day kept applications away. Nothing to overflow the pockets.

Lots and lots of yellow jackets, especially now as fall arrives. Just stand by your grill. But at $180 bucks a treatment and the neighbors rotting apples on the ground makes the decision easy not to spray.

Course that $180 was cheap compared to this issue:

That was an hour and $637 later for an emergency veterinarian visit with Blu, who decided that this one damn yellow jacket needed to be pounced on and eaten. All from the same dog with Lyme disease and epilepsy.

And yes, i had cancelled my Trupanion doggie insurance one month before all this happened.

But can’t blame poor Blu for a lousy summer when I spent June pissing kidney stones and August fighting Covid 19.

Well goodbye 2023 Summer and welcome winter! Another 8 months of pure bliss.

Keep smiling, and wear your PPE!