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Robert's Rants
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So Trump has stuck his…finger…into your business

A quick aside from the Bicycle Thief story. (no – it hasn’t been stolen)

With the NAFTA agreement on hold until November, the Tariff wars will be on-going for several months like a ping pong tournament played blind folded. I’m certain there will be goods and raw materials added as we go. They do aluminum, we do ketchup. They do steel, we do maple syrup.

But some of the proposed tariffs are based on the actual size of the goods or package sold in (small is bad).

So does it effect you? Much?

You can expect at least 10 cents more on every aerosol can you buy, probably most of the small packaged goods, and anything with some degree of metal.

Tin Cats aren’t made of Tin you know!

If you’re smart and realize most of these new charges will never go away, you might want to add another $$$$ to cover your costs.

It’s even more surprising that Trump hasn’t reacted to our planned subsidized offering for Canadian companies…up to $2 billion!!!!