Robert's Rants
Robert's Rants
A personal blog on the Canadian pesticide industry and other pet peeves and interests


“Enough with the Specials…just give me a price!”

I have said the same thing to our own suppliers…just give me a flat price and I’ll do the rest to manage my business.


To be honest having an occasional special sale on products does serve several purposes, and which is why you see it so pre-dominant in so many different businesses. Grocery chains hold at least one a week…if not more often. Your major pharmacy/drug stores always have a special, and many run frequent buyer programs. The big box stores advertise everyday low prices, but still run the weekend special to get you through the door.

For us at Gardex it serves many purposes and at times makes a good business tool for everyone. We can purchase and sell based on offers from the suppliers, warehouse capacity, seasonal promotions, competitive price positioning, slow moving stock depletion and numerous other facets.

With doubling our warehouse capacity, Gardex was able to consolidate all our stock in our 3 major branches, thus saving money on renting space. This allowed for better buying power and with the larger quantities we can now afford to pass on price savings on the more important products. The ones you use everyday.

I personally know you can’t find a better offering of Pest Control products inside Canada, with more options of products to choose from and on hand inventory.

So why continue with the specials?

When we can, we pass on the savings, and in turn hopefully you as a customer will benefit. Plus with the added space our planning is greatly improved to meet your needs.

But we can’t offer the Service we are known for without turning stock and making a profit. And in order to continue with this we use the Specials as another tool.

Seems like the monthly Specials are going to stay…at least until a new tool is invented!