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Robert's Rants
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SPMAO, CPMA, NPMA…what are you doing?

I put SPMAO first as a request from a friend 😁

But where are you guys in stopping this utterly ridiculous move on the PMRA’s part to start registering mechanical devices for insect control?

Are you calling on all members, supplies, allied industries, and your higher power to make the PMRA come to their senses?

You know once they force a registration on fly lights it’s the tip of the iceberg.  Think of the hundreds of snaps and glueboards and mattress encasements and fly swatters they can suck money out of.

Think of the hundreds of products…options…we will lose because who cares about Canada? Register a Tincat?  You’re out of you’re mind.

So where are the mighty associations in stopping this?   We’ll see, but I’m guessing they’re in the same place they were protecting our pyrethroids…

Hello people!