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SPMAO vs Environmentalist: the eventual ban of rodenticides in Ontario. But I have a plan…

I kinda overheard a video conference between members of SPMAO and a call to arms against the “environmentalist” now attempting to ban rodenticides in Toronto and the rest of the province.

“These people mean business” no duh A call to arms!

Can you stop the eventual banning of rodenticides? Judging by the recent success in BC and Quebec my money says no.

But can you keep the restriction down to a tolerable level, a sort of compromise?

You bet. But you have to start now, and start a panic in the general population. How? Go back to basics and show why an increased rodent population means increased contact with humans. But the old school messages of bubonic plague and rising food costs due to rodent damage just don’t cut it anymore.

in this 10 second environment we live in (thanks to cell phones, Meta and TikTok) you have to be graphic and go viral. Gore and more gore.

The Fear Factor. Just like the nasty looking pics on cigarette packages, there is a treasure trove of nasty pics, and you all know the ones. The babies with their lips or noses eaten off, or an entire hand disfigured by one little bite and rat bite fever. Rodents running across food being prepped at your local wing joint. Or droppings in your breakfast cereal. I’ll save you the trouble of showing any here, but you get the drift.

And put those nasty ass pictures on CP24 Breakfast television, right under the forecast and sunny skies, every morning from 6:00 – 8:00.

Then take a clue from RISE, the consumer division of Crop Life. US, not Canada. An association of pesticide manufacturers, and mass marketers like SCJ and Scotts, aimed at educating future generations on the necessity of pest control.

Print up cute handouts, courtesy of SPMAO and your local licensed, trained PMP to send home with every child in elementary school. A nice little public service announcement.

”In the event rodenticides, commonly called rat bait or rat poison, are banned in Ontario, your local PMP wants you to be prepared!”

Clever little titles like;

“What to do when bitten by a rat, 4 simple steps to save your life”

“How to identify rat bites in babies. What’s in your crib?”

“There’s a turd in your taco? One is one too many!”

“Rat bite fever and you, c’mon, its not as bad as leprosy, well…”

“Rats really swim through the toilet, and other fun facts to tell Mom”

and lastly;

“If you were a rat 1 + 1 = 12! Exciting New Math tricks for homeschooling”

Oops, nearly forgot my favorite;

“Of course there’s no boogey man under your bed, the big bad rat ate him! Sleep tight, little ones”

Hey, it’s a start.