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Another CPMA annual meeting past…also known as “The good, the bad and bad planning”

Well the 2012 annual convention of the CPMA, held in Vancouver, went off without too many glitches, at least from this observer’s (a supplier/exhibitor/sponsor) perspective.

Overall there was an increase in suppliers, very good attendance, and it seemed to me some better content and better information from the scheduled speakers. This was the best improvement I have seen in years, not having a local PMP come address the crowd as an expert.

The venue at the Fairmont Waterfront was great as usual, and everything done first class…kinda.

It seems a bit perplexing though that they (CPMA/NPMA) had increased their number of exhibitors from 20 to 30, raised the sponsorship dollars by 2 or 3 times, but didn’t manage to take care the attendees needs.

Breakfast during registration was a stale bagel, (tasty after toasting for 20 minutes).  Lunch was served in a box,which they ran out of both Friday and Saturday.  Not a big deal to me (I need to lose 10 pounds), but for the attendees???

Just cheap in my opinion.

When I look at sponsorship of the banquet going up 250%, and about the same increase for breaks etc, you have to wonder where the money goes???

Hopefully north of the border.

I will say having the meeting in BC is great since they require continuing education units for re-certification and this draws a crowd.

Wake up Ontario.

’til next time…