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Licensing and Re-certification for Pest Professionals in Canada

I wanted to expand on my last post concerning the re-certification issue in BC being such a big draw at the annual CPMA meeting.

BC has similar licensing rules and regs to other provinces, but with the added requirement that Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) need to either get continuing education units (I believe 20 hours every 2 years?) or re-take the test.  This ensures that PMP throughout the province are getting up to date on new technologies, but more importantly keeping up on regulations as they change in the course of doing business.

That sounds like a no-brainer to me, versus some provinces requiring passing the exam, then your licensed for life (Ontario). 

Also, different provinces recognize and accept licensing (reciprocal agreements) for other provinces across Canada, but not all do this.

If we look at the PMP’s being regulated properly, then doesn’t it make sense to have them go through continual training in order to maintain their license?

And, using the same train of thought, my drivers license for Ontario allows me to drive anywhere in the country…so why not the same for a licensed and trained PMP???

Lots of disconnects here folks.