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PMRA Reduced-Risk Mitigation on rodenticides

I’ve been meaning to address this issue, but find it was really complicated…

That’s a lie, it isn’t really that complicated – I might be a bit lazy is all. 

But again, the reduced-risk mitigation isn’t too complicated if you read through the PMRA documents, and especially Appendices II & III which capture the whole regulation quite nicely.  One of the better put together documents I have seen come out of a government agency.

The intent is clear and follows on to the rodenticide mitigation from the EPA that spurned numerous debates.  One such debate was whether or not is was good for the Professional Pest Control Industry. 

I am of the opinion that it will be good for the Industry as a whole, in putting the use of regulated goods more into the hands of people who have had proper training and licensing (plus re-certified – small dig).

The biggest impact is on the use of domestic products and the limitations on how they can be sold, and in the type of proven and tested  bait stations to ensure safety for over the counter use by home owners.   So the question is:  should home owners be trying to do their own rodent control?  Sure they should, but stay with the infinite number of snap traps, multi-catch stations and glue boards that don’t cause concerns with children, pets, non-target species or the environment.

But don’t rodenticides cause concerns around children, pets, non-target species and the environment???  Not when used according to the directions, labels and by those who are trained, skilled and apply those skills every day. 

Which why the law may be beneficial…but I’m betting it will be.

Since there is a bit more on this that needs to be addressed, I will continue on once I have a bit more time.

There will be a Positioning document on the subject for Gardex customers, and that should be available in the next 2 weeks, but many of the key issues will be expanded on here next week.

Until then, have a good weekend.