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Robert's Rants
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Product Approval Update:

Thought it might be a good time to give a short product update, as we did manage to get one product back into the market and a new product registered for use in the last few months.

So good news and bad news come together right?

Bordicate by FMC has now been classified/scheduled in Ontario so it is available throughout the country.  Boradicate is essentially the new name for Borid.  New name, new supplier, and white (not blue).  Almost like a new product but the label really hasn’t changed.

Quantum did receive full PMRA registration and now we are awaiting manufacture.  Looks like it will come in a 12 bottle case, but will go out in both case lots and as individual bottles.  Again, we are waiting for Ontario scheduling.  Production may take place this fall, and Gardex is the first in line with an order on the system.

Chlorfenapyr has me really excited, but delayed until sometime in 2013.  Maybe.  Known as Phantom in the US, this product has broad pest labeling, good residual and should be a great new tool.  Brought to you by BASF, the product will be trade named MYTHIC…weird name for a structural pest control product, but must be some reasoning behind it.

Another BASF chemistry is dinotefuron, sold as Alpine in the States (why do they get all the products???) and will probably have the same trade name here.

What else…

That looks like most of it for the time being…

Except I was just told I’m going to be a Grandpa for the second time.  Tough to get old!  And that’s the good news!