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Temprid Label…a sign of more (stupid) things to come???

Remember the good old days when you had a label that said “indoor” or “outdoor” or if you were real lucky “indoor/outdoor”.

Kiss the good old days goodbye, and as the labels get more defined and more restrictive, our job is going to be tougher and tougher, then to the point we won’t be able to kill anything.

And when the PMRA and MOE start swabbing walls, floors and taking plant and soil samples, it will be impossible.

Maybe drones with night goggles and laser weapons to kill each roach as they pop their head up from the toaster?

I’ve been reading through the new Temprid SC label from Bayer and trying to increase my knowledge on all the restrictions and new terminology.  Especially after talking to representatives of the PMRA and their new intent on testing (see my next rant).

I hope this label isn’t a precursor or sign of things to come…or both the PMP and the homeowner need to be changing their thoughts on eliminating insects.

A few here and there won’t hurt…just ask David.

But for Temprid, here’s the label from Bayer’s website…just in case you ever want to read a label.  I know we all do though.

The restrictions/statements I’m having some trouble with:

  • Indoor perimeter vs. Crack & Crevice
  • Outdoor restriction on structure only, no true “perimeter application allowed”
  • 6 hour REI for indoor applications

Point one:  Indoor Perimeter vs. C&C

This is the first label where they have separated Crack & Crevice into 2 new categories; normal old C&C (kinda) and Indoor Perimeter.

Most of us “old-timers” consider a crack and crevice as a trip around the baseboards.  There was always a crack or crevice there, where the floor and baseboard are connected.   This was done with a C&C tip sometimes, but also either a cone, flat fan or pin point nozzle.   But some of the product went on the baseboard and some on the floor.  It just couldn’t be avoided 100% of the time.

This is no longer allowed.  If a product says C&C only, you need to make sure it all goes into the crack.  They will be testing….swabbing walls and floors to make certain it stays in the crack and crevice.

What the hell’s a crevice anyway???

They now refer to the old method as “Indoor Perimeter”, where you can spray the baseboard itself.

BUT…who is defining what “perimeter” means????   Is it outside wall only?   Or can it be the perimeter of a room???   Inside the outside wall of a room inside????

HELP!!!!  I’m confused!!!!

Point two:  Outdoor Application on structure only

So this is good, you’re allowed to use the product outside….but NOT as a perimeter treatment like the “good old days”.

The label makes a firm statement that the product must be on the structure only.  Then that means don’t do your typical “perimeter” application of a band 3′ out and then up the structure wall.

No product should hit the ground, mulch or plant material.

No dripping or runoff….




Back in the good old days….

We used to tell customers allow 4 hours for the product to dry.   Why 4 hours?  Because in normal situations it dries in an hour or so, and the extra time was put in to ensure the product was dry, and any airborne particles had settled.

Bit of a safety net and built in time.

So why 6 hours?   Or did they just add some tot he standard thinking if 4 is good 6 is better?

OR….did anyone actually spray 10 different surfaces and sit there and keep touch them to see what dried when.

I’m hoping in the future they can tell how long to really leave it…

For Dupont ceramic tile, shades 10099-125544, made between 2010 and 2017, allow 4.35 hours….

Manville baseboards, style #2343, color walnut – semi-birch, allow 3.2 hours…


Wave of the future.

I don’t think we can run fast enough to make that go away BUT maybe as an industry we should sit down with the PMRA and Provinces and come up with something reasonable that won’t instill panic in every person in the building.

So there’s my thoughts.

I’m gonna go buy some Raid/Konk/Bugkill and spray my entire joint, inside and out, then call a PMP to spray Temprid, then call the PMRA to start swabbing for residues…..

But we’ll wait 6 hours.

A fun time will be had by all.