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Testing for Proper Application: PMRA swabbing the deck? Dipping the tank?

So we’re living with some new restrictions…

And I’ve used the Temprid label in the previous rant as the example.  Not to pick on Bayer.

So, only on the structure, make certain you don’t treat the ground, or allow any on the deck or patio.

When you spray the eave 40 feet up no drips, drops or dribbles allowed!

And indoors?

I can’t tell you how to define indoor perimeter vs baseboard vs C&C.   I’m confused myself. But you’ll have to be extra careful and get that interpretation.

Now comes the kicker.  A reliable source…I feel like Dan Rather or 60 Minutes…from the “agency” stated the new testing they are going to be doing this year:  samples of the spray tank to make certain your rate is accurate, and swabbing treated areas, and untreated to, see if you are in the labeled area of use.

Swabbing:  Actually going into places that have been treated and taking swabs of the floor, baseboards, walls, beds etc. to make certain there is no pesticide where it shouldn’t be.

So make certain there hasn’t been any other pesticides used by the home owner or any other PMP.   Probably for 2 – 3 years?

Soil sampling:  If the pesticide label does not allow for perimeter treatment in a “band” extending out from the building, then if found in the soil it’s off label.

So make certain they haven’t added any mulch or soil or peat moss to their flower beds before you treat.  It may be previously contaminated.

Or, simple enough, spread a drop clothe over the yard and decks and shrubs when you spray. If you’re spreading a drop clothe, might as well paint it on!

This new testing or checking up on you is all well and good…but a.) how do they implement and b.) is it realistic?

How targeted can we get, with current application equipment, time constraint, and some sense of realism?

I don’t think as targeted as they would like.

I guess we’ll find out when the first fine is levied…

Oh and the PMRA will now be publishing any fines, citations, hand slaps and generally finger pointing “no-no’s” on their website for the whole world to read.

But the only ones looking it up will be the “greens”

And your competitors.