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The Percy Plan for Planet Salvation!

After re-reading my last post, and my 2 step solution to prevent global annihilation, I developed a simple plan to eliminate the largest contributor to global warming, CO2 emissions and pollution by eliminating the gas powered auto.  That one was simple.

But how to curb population growth?   We can’t enact a “Hand Maidens Tale”  (no I’m not watching a girly show).  Or try the Chinese method.   Maybe a lottery?

No, I’ve accepted the fact that the easiest, quickest way to reduce the population is by going to war.

Or a maybe plague!  We’d make some money with a plague of locusts now wouldn’t we!  Or is that on the label?   Check with the PMRA.

But I’m leaning towards war…

And not just a skirmish in some god forsaken place in the desert (I do feel for those people living in an inhospitable land, and centuries of fighting over nothing except whose religion is right).

I’m talking full blown nuclear disaster.

Face it, we can’t argue or agree to that….ridiculous I know.  But when the livable area of Earth starts to diminish due to climate change, pollution, over crowding and poverty something is going to snap.  And someone will push the button.

But what will really happen is the population will reach a point that more people will live in poverty, low health care standards, horrible housing and sanitation, and more crowding.  Look at the slums in Rio, or Cairo.

Rats, Roaches, Filth…sounds like places in Toronto…

Someone in some godforsaken little hut will develop a “super bug” and I’m not talking insects. And we’ll see large scale disaster.   AIDS, West Nile, SARS, Ebola, Zika…one of these will develop we can’t find a cure for.  A new strain of influenza….

And it will move across the planet swiftly.  Sounds pretty ominous.  It will be.

Better than a bomb?  Guess it depends on whose side you on.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!  I did come up with a fix for the pollution problem and global warming.

Get rid of the gas powered vehicles.  Period.   (look at what that does to the power shift in the world by cutting gasoline consumption by 90%).

The CO2 emissions are the leading cause of pollution and global warming.  Might not be true, but now it is cuz I typed it!

So why are we divesting and diverting all of our efforts to something else???  Really.  We have too many “causes”.  Pink ribbons and yellow flags and elastic wrist bands in every color of the rainbow.   Save the Rainbows even!

Face it, if the tree huggers and major communities of the world got together and implemented an “electric” only policy, it could very well happen.  Take all those tree hugger riches aimed at saving the spotted owl, the spotted ocelot, the spotted Tasmanian sparrow and the drug addict I spotted on the street, and put it to this one cause.

Simply phase it in over 10 years by issuing new tags to an increasingly higher % of electrics only.   Getting to the point to where all tags are for electric only.

So you can’t drive 1200 miles in 10 hours to see Grandma.   She doesn’t want you to bother her anyway!  She’s got bingo booked until she wins and dies.

No gasoline powered car over 10 years old would be issued a tag…voila!

Done Deal!!!!!

I’ve almost saved the Planet!

Just gotta work on that population thingy….suggestions anyone?

But I’ve got an idea….