Robert's Rants
Robert's Rants
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Tis the season…

No I’m not talking Holidays!  Basically it’s that time of year when the degree days are adding up and insects are on the move. 

Biggest issue I am encountering now is carpenter ants, with high activity levels indoors, more so than outdoors.  No swarmers as of yet, or in very limited pockets, but should be expected in the next few weeks.

Hopefully we will be seeing some new active ingredients pass through the PMRA as we are in dire need for new ant baits to fit everyone’s IPM programs. Plus if we continue to rely on the same actives year in and year out, although we may not have a “true” resistance problem, overall effectiveness will start to diminish.  I firmly believe we have developed resistance to some pyrethroids used on cockroaches.

There are at least 3 new actives waiting in the wings, with the capability for dusts, baits and dilutable formulations.  Look for more posts on these in the coming weeks as I am trying to check on the status of each.

Next up…more on the Rodenticide re-evaluation decision and some major concerns and actions from Industry that is going to take place.

Plus an overview on resistance management, or lack thereof, in the Canadian market.