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Robert's Rants
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Trudeau asks “Who Moved My Cheese?”

These trade concessions, tariffs, duties and “trade deficits” debates just continue to amaze, daze and confuse me.

First off I have to admit I’m simple minded.   Easily confused my wife says.

BUT…now Canada is upset with the EU on the price of cheese coming into the country.  It will destroy the Quebec cheese industry.  No more Oka!  (I hate that friggin’ commercial anyway)

And NAFTA looms overhead like a big stick ready to come crashing down…a big stick of soft wood lumber!

So does anyone else see the “weirdness” of all this?

One country is best at producing cheese, cheaper and just as good.

One country is best at growing timber, since half the country is forest.

And the USA can’t do much of anything, besides consuming goods.   Oh, and digging up coal.  But they are determined to protect their foresters.

Philadelphia Creme Cheese though!

It would seem to me that if the governments kept their noses and MP’s and Senators out of it, and the money out of their own pockets, this would sort itself out?  Granted some people would have to shift their way a earning a buck.

If I can’t grow lumber at a cheaper price than my neighbor (competitor) maybe I should find a means to do it better…or stick to the markets where I excel?

Or follow the government’s brilliant ideas, like giving away cheese to reduce supply and drive prices back up.

Global economy with a village mentality.

And no, I’m not the village idiot!