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Trudeau coughs up $4bn for affordable housing! 7 new Toronto home starts!

A slight exaggeration but not that far off.

As the new average home price hits $700k, we’re going to make some 5800 families happy. and thats all good, but

Take that same $4 billion and hire 32,000 nurses and/or police and/or teachers at $125,000 each.

Imagine the effect on 20 hour emergency room visits, and if you’re lucky a cot in the hall. Been there done that.

Or hire police so people can get back to going downtown, or out to the island, or take a bus to work without fear of being killed.

yeah I know, a house will last 20 years and that’s only salaries for 1 year, but makes you think.

Who coughed up that $4bn anywho? Look at your pay stub lately?