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U.S. versus Canada: Who moved my cheese!

I’ve figured out a simple solution to this whole NAFTA crap that Trump keeps trying to use as a weapon.    Guess he doesn’t understand “fair” in Fair Trade.

And it’s all about cheese!  When did we switch from soft wood lumber to cheese???

But the problem we face and will always face is Canada is relatively small in the scheme of things, and it’s all about population.  Well, there may be a few other things thrown in and I’m oversimplifying the problem.

But face the facts, if Canada was home to 360 million people like the US we would have a ton more leverage.  And not just fighting the battle with the States.   Just think of the buying power!  Maybe our Navy could buy a brand new sub even!  And we could hang on to our cheese.

We just have to make a concerted effort to PROCREATE AND POPULATE

Right now, if we continue on with our 10% growth rate by having open borders, we will reach the same mass of mankind in exactly….

Are you ready???

26 YEARS!!!!!!   That’s just growth through immigration.

I damn well hope Trump isn’t still around!  But we still can’t wait that long.

So my plan to shorten this time frame:

Incentivize Canadian citizens to produce more people!   PROCREATE CANADA!

Take all couples of child-bearing age (reasonably the legal age of majority, say from 20 year olds to what…. 35?)

Of that group, approximately 20% of our population would qualify.  That number would be reduced in half though, remember it takes two to tango remember.

So for math”s sake lets say 4 million couples have 1 child every 9 months.    If every couple had a baby every 10 months (give them a month off), we would effectively add another 4 million bodies to the 10% growth rate every year.

That now speeds up the process to…drum roll….18 years!!!!!!

The incentive would have to be big of course, say $10,000 per child and we’ll throw in a Canada Goose down coat.

For a mere $720,000,000,000 and 18 years we could be the same size as the U.S!!!!!

SO that’s the plan….and one that fits with the Liberals forward thinking powers.

Mr. Trump, tell your dairy dudes no way!!!!!    Take you cheeses and edam somewhere else.

But have a gouda day!