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Robert's Rants
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Want NAFTA to truly work? Two little changes

Here ya’ go…my magical methodology on fixing the woes of the North American Free Trade Agreement:

1. Open the borders between the three countries

2. Standardized currency

Think like….EURO????

This little suggestion leads to about 6 separate rants, so at one per week that takes me to Spring!


Step 1 OPEN LES BORDERS (for my french friends) and yes this would include the Quebec border.  Unfortunately French would become the 12th most spoken language, right after Vietnamese, and no longer part of the “bi-lingual” mix.

No WALL.   If one was ever needed, then let Mexico put up a tiny one on their southern border.  What country is that anyway, Nicaragua or some other “shit hole”.

Even with a minimum wage Labor costs drop 25%.   Cool.

Trump would freak not being able to keep the hordes from moving north…or else he’d be happy with cheap domestics (like he doesn’t have already)

2.  One common currency:  If you ever ever really really want free trade, then create a common currency. That’s a frigging no brainer.  A “Euro” could work.

Call it whatever…NABitCoin, MEXCANUS, TRUMPASSO,

Government and Industry spend hours and millions to come to an agreement, and 3 years later you can buy Levi’s for a third of the price by crossing the Rainbow bridge into Canada from New York.

Or figure out who’s really winning in this situation and get on with it.  Forget NAFTA.

A hint though, of the three countries it ain’t Canada or Mexico.