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We have finally gone over the edge.

I thought that with the election of Donald Trump, perhaps the second best chance of an anit-Christ since Hitler, mankind had demonstrated that we are really beyond saving ourselves as a species.

I knew then we were doomed, but maybe, just maybe there was some hope or shred of sanity left.

But then this weekend it was confirmed.

Kanye decided to drop the “Kan” and just go by “Ye”.   What, were two syllables too friggin hard to say?  Or maybe he couldn’t think of a good rapping rhyme?

Not to mention his desire to abolish the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution banning slavery.

What????   Really???   What???

Then to top off all the insanity in the world, NBC premiers a show:

“God Friended Me”


The premise, or so in the PR blurb, is that God friends a poor hapless atheist on Facebook, and completely changes his life.

Seriously.  Think about that.

Not too hard or your brain will start leaking out your ears.

If it hasn’t already.


But makes you wonder if God is using the new iPhone 10 or an Android?