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Robert's Rants
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Weak Canadian Dollar to impact costs…have you adjusted your Service Fees?

With the Loonie now resting at $0.90 US there is going to be an automatic price increase across the board on products brought in from the States.

Besides the normal price increases of 3 – 5% from all suppliers, right now prices will be adjusted up 10% to cover the swing in the Exchange Rate. This is expected to last the next 2 years!

US based suppliers include, but are not limited to;

Atlantic Paste & Glue (Catchmaster)

Bell Labs


FMC (Dragnet)

Amvac (Prelude)


B&G Equipment

Etc. etc.

There are a few of the Manufacturers with Canadian based companies or subsidiaries, and since the transactions take place in $CAD there won’t be such a drastic impact on prices.

You may want to look at using these lines more if possible, just to save some costs.

Bayer, BASF and Syngenta all are Canadian based, so luckily there is a wide range of baits and insecticides you can still choose from.


When your costs continue to rise, you need to increase the prices you are charging for service!

No if’s and’s or but’s!

If your costs of supplies is 10% of your expenses, they just went up a minimum of 10% or a 1% increase overall.

You can eat the added expense…or better yet increase your prices for service.

Think about it….