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Robert's Rants
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‘Welcome to Toronto….just don’t effing stay here! ”And other words of wisdom from today’s Uber driver.

Thats right, I’m now getting advice from Uber drivers.

Every Wednesday I usually head to downtown Toronto to have a pretty young doctor stick needles into my spine…supposedly to alleviate pain. Thats not a joke.

And if you’ve ever driven in downtown TO you’ll soon realize Uber is the only sane way to go. Or risk being set on fire or stabbed or pushed in front of a train going by subway.

So today was no different, and a pleasant enough man picked me up…only to inch our way down the Gardner EXPRESSWAY.

Like many Uber drivers this gentleman was an immigrant to Canada just like myself. So naturally we started griping about the traffic, which led to the condos and the people and health care and more people and the damn immigration policy. He came to Canada in 1993, myself in 2002. True Canadians!

i always listen closely, as many of these folk are lawyers or doctors or veterinarians, you know, where there’s just no need for their services.

But he said and I quote: ”Trudeau is turning my Canada into another Bangladesh. A million more people means 200,000 more homes. It takes 4000 more family doctors, 8000 more nurses, 25,000 new classrooms in 500 new schools. 3 major hospitals and 2 more universities. Did he think about that?”

I had no response, as what he said was so damn logical and sound and true that all you could was shake your head.

Then we reached our destination in silence, thinking about what lurks ahead.