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Robert's Rants
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What does the word “Pest” mean to you?

I think I found the problem, or what’s been bugging me on our industry’s name…

Pest Management Professional, or Pest Control Operator.

“Control” is now Management….”Operator” now Professional.

Maybe it’s simply the word “pest” is too associated with the word “pesticide”?  I’m the first to tell you there is nothing wrong with either the word, the product or the usage. But that doesn’t fly with everyone.

And working solely with pests doesn’t do our industry justification.  Do you think?

Like back when there used to be “Agricultural Chemicals”.  You pretty much knew it was pesticides.  In the States we used to have the Midwest Ag Chem Association, the Southern Ag Chem Assoc…..MACA, SACA, WACA, NACA etc etc.   (You should be retired if you remember that.)

Was it really the Canadian Ag Chem Association???

But now it’s Crop Life.  And Crop Life Canada.

Brilliant!  No more mention of chemicals…. or pesticides.  And the industry is focused on nurturing and ensuring the viability of crops.  Life….not death of an insect or weed.

And how about RISE?  That’s a great association name.  Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment.  Members are ag chemical, pest control and turf companies.  Major distributors.  Major purchasers.  But focused more on the consumer side of the business.

But all members are concerned about running their business while keeping a Sound Environment at the fore front.

Maybe in the effort to re-shape our industry image, the focus should have been on a different word, not so much “Control”  or “Operator” but the word “pest” itself.

So let’s take the “Pest” out of pest control…

When you submit your prize winning entry…anyone who has eliminated the word “pest” gets a bonus!

Maybe an extra case of Impact!?!

Maybe not…