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What Moron thought of this? Soon the Label will be 837 pages of bird cage liner

This will be my last on this subject…riding a dead horse.

This was all triggered by a discussion about a label going from 16 pages to 60.  Who is going to slog through 60 pages?  We all should, but does it really have to be so much BS?  And having “Toxic to Bees” spelled out 18 times in 15 different ways?


Here’s my point(s):

  • If they continue to have special instructions and rates for every pest the product will be too confusing for the average tech.
  • The label will be like like the booklet in your Bayer Aspirin box.  You take out the bottle and throw the label and box away.  It will never get read
  • The product is for sale to Licensed Structural folks only.  You would hope they identified the insect as the first step in designing their control plan.
  • There are far better resources than this for entomology information.
  • There are better choices if you want to get into the Insect ID game.

The very Front Panel states this:

LICENSED.  Means you should know something.

But here’s the weird or moronic part:

The Statement below is a direct quote from the Label. (in Italics for all you dummies)   Not that it’s wrong, but does it need to be added at all?

Are you guys and gals a bunch of dumb Licensed Pest Control Operators?

On just this one pest?

Why Cluster flies?

Why not all 67 species?  With pictures. In color. And guides and keys to the insect. And other means of control, you know…IPM!!!!

And hey, you can put in the full scientific name, we’re even use to that.

Cluster flies Outdoor Perimeter,

Cluster flies are members of the Order (Diptera) and resemble house flies. They are distinguished
by their sluggish and erratic behaviour and by wings that overlap when at rest. They derive their
name from their habit of entering a building in the fall and clustering together to overwinter. The
search for protected places to overwinter begins as days shorten in mid-August. Warm sunny walls
draw the flies as the climate cools during this search. This offers an opportunity to control the fly
population outside the building.  Spray this mixture to the exterior walls including under the eaves, soffits and window trim. The effective time of application is between mid August and the end of September depending on weather conditions.

Beautifully written, chock full of brilliant info, much better than Mallis or any other of the 1000 insect resources we have.

But why put it in the Direction for Use?