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Robert's Rants
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While I’m picking on big companies…

Might as well finish my lament over small companies getting inhaled by major corporations and the change in their “philosophy” and effect (or is it affect?) on what we have available in the Canadian market. 

Not surprisingly, market needs and customers generally suffer when this happens, as what makes smaller companies successful is their ability to make a decision, react, and meet their customers needs faster than the “sleeping giant”.  It doesn’t take a committee of lawyers, engineers, production planners, forecasters, marketers, finance, purchasing and regulatory (not to mention research) to make a decision when you only have 4 people in the whole company to start with!

Case in point, after a major supplier consumed a well oiled but small marketing company, an order sat on their loading dock waiting to get shipped for 6 weeks as they had not put the product into SAP yet…geesh!  We only missed the market, which in Canada lasts about 2 months!

So are we are once again, another giant gobbles up a little guy and now we wait….and wait…and wait.   Maybe they should have figured out if they could make the product before they made the investment???  So if you are wondering where your boric acid based stuff is (I won’t name names), now you know!

Next up….more jousting at windmills!