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Wrong! PCO’s are essential! Plus liquor, beer and taxes

Well I got that one wrong.  Pet Control is an essential service, and you can keep going like always.   Except there may not be anyone to answer the door.

I was thinking the Feds and Provinces would come up with the logical list to reduce COVID-19 exposure.

That was my first mistake, trusting the government to do something logical for a change.

When you see all the efforts made in keeping us social creatures as far apart as possible, then review the lists of “essential” businesses to remain open, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  If you tried hard enough you can find one of the categories that fits your business.  Unless the business is one of those specifically listed to be shut.

Really the biggest success has been the simple fear generated by all the news, which has led businesses to shut their own doors, whether essential or not.  If you look at the Ontario list for example, you can make a case for nearly any business to be deemed essential.

Shutting the schools was a great idea, except no one counted on the knock-on effect for the parents.  And employment, a pay check, mortgages, daycare (or lack thereof).

Or you could be a the poor restaurants and bars, where forced closing and bankruptcy are going to be the new norm.

You can still buy liquor, is that really an essential item?   Stock up your Stoli’s and Stella like toilet paper and baby wipes.  If you run out it’s your own damn fault for drinking too much.

I guess the government folks are saying “We really care about tax revenue first, then the citizens of the country.”

So it’s business as usual, but not really.  Many of your customers have closed doors which makes doing business a bit more difficult.

This will pass, but in the meantime be safe out there.