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Robert's Rants
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You read it here first. Invasive Species Engineer

That’s the winner.

Until the second entry comes in!

Invasive Species Engineer (ISE)

Maybe, maybe not, but I find it rather catchy, rolls off the tongue, and sounds so much cooler and loftier than Pest Control Operator.  Or Pest Management Professional….

Notice not one reference to ‘pest”.    A bonus!  No pest,  No pesticide,  no Pest Management Reg……whoops

And it fits our industry.  Think about it.

A multitude of different species that we have to deal now covered.  A multitude of different ways to tackle the problem, not just pesticides, also covered.

And generally speaking the fact an insect or animal exists isn’t ever a problem, as long as they don’t deter, impede, or decrease an individual’s quality of life.

And those invasive species can be part of any Phyla, Class or Order…we are involved with invasive species of so many different types it can make your head swim.

Invasive fish, insects, arthropods, rodents, mammals… (nice segue from making your head swim to invasive fish don’t you think).  When they invade on your quality of life.

Carpenters ants are beneficial….but not in the house.   Same goes for wasps, and raccoons (okay – they may not be beneficial).   Termites.  All play a role in this little planet.

I love spiders…

But when they destroy a house or your health or your crop or your food, then the tables turn.

It’s not just a pest, it’s a friggin’ invasive species.  They wanna live where I live, eat what I eat and that’s not gonna happen.  It’s even worse when you become the meal.

Invasive plant life…weeds…that can stay with the agronomists.  Remember, we’re engineers not farmers!  Kidding, kidding.  A kid from Kansas would never knock a farmer.

Invasive Species Engineer…sounds better all the time.

Maybe I should copyright the term.


Surgeon was taken, and might be pushing it.   And I like trains.

Maybe simple saying we are bug killers understates and undersells what we really do?

I’m kinda thinking I’ll start my own association, with just  one member, of Invasive Species Engineers.

AND!  I’ve even got my Association name.

Global Union of Invasive Species Engineers!   GUISE.

Even sounds right, as we all know it’s a man’s industry!  Ouch, sorry dear.

AND, an Association needs a leader….

Since I’m an Invasive Species, and non-profit, I’ve nominated myself as Executive InVader!    After heavy negotiations with myself, I’ve set my salary at $250,000 with a new Jag and 4 months vacation.

So watch this spot for your membership package as I need some help with the salary.