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You Wanna New SDS???? Quit your whining and read the LAW!

Okay….so maybe this is a sore spot.

The rules, laws, regulations blah blah blah set up around WHMIS 2015, SDS versus MSDS, Global Harmonization and expiry dates are not confusing at all,  if you have the 17 days, 4hours and 37 minutes to read them.


This is actually something that makes sense.  I want to know which products myself and staff are dealing with that are deemed hazardous.  Meaning it’s going to f%$# up somebody or something or the environment if you mess around with it.  Like get serious here.

Which is why WHMIS falls under the Hazardous Products Act.

The problems with WHMIS, and have always been problems, are twofold; one being the expiry date issue and secondly generating an SDS for non-hazardous products.

(I won’t get into the fact that Pesticides are exempt)

With the new WHMIS 2015 coming into full effect December 2018, the right decision was made to eliminate the expiry date UNLESS there is a major change that will affect the health, transportation and storage of the product.

Not every 3 years…just because some CFIA inspector has been doing it this way since 1988 when the first rules came out.

Only when there is a MAJOR change.

Otherwise:  THEY DON’T EXPIRE!!!

Not clear enough?   THEY DON’T EXPIRE!!!!

As to my second point, I believe generating an SDS for goods that are non-hazardous should be a crime against the state and capital punishment enforced.  Remove one finger for each infraction.

I won’t name names AP&G, but why I have 30 SDS’s for a glue board is beyond me…

There are others though.

But in my puny mind if there’s an SDS it means you’re dealing with a hazardous product, which also means all the boxes should also be properly labelled, with First Aid steps, transportation rules, handling and storage, plus evacuation and firefighting measures spelled out.

You can’t pretend your product is Hazardous, when it’s not, and fill in all the data with N/A, N/A, N/A.

If it isn’t hazardous drop the friggin’ SDS for crying out loud.

Now’s your chance!!!!

We should have a contest though…101 ways to kill your lover with a box of 72 MB unscented glue boards.